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Guide For Teachers

Your Profile

The first thing you'll need to do after you sign up is set up your profile.

The most important details to include are your name and the About You section. You must fill in your first and last name but your last name will be kept private. Just your initial will be shown.

In the About You section, try to include as much information as you can. But remember, you are writing for non-native speakers, so keep your language simple. The most important things to include are..
  • a little bit about yourself. Your name, where you are from etc.
  • your qualifications an your experience.
  • when you are available and where you are willing to travel to.

Your Profile Picture should be high-quality image taken in good light. try to take the picture against a plain background as you would for a passport photo, and crop the image so it just shows your head and shoulders. And don't forget to smile!

Your Listing

The next thing to set up is your listing. Click the Post Your Listing button at the top of the page to start.

Your listing is what appears on the Teachers Page and leads students to your profile. When filling out your listing, keep it a bit shorter than your profile as less information will be displayed. Keep it to two or three sentences.

Make sure that you tick all the types of lessons that you want to teach, e.g. General English, Business English etc. You can tick as many as you like. 

For your picture, you can use the same picture that you used for your Profile.

Your listing will be checked by our Admins before going live to make sure it's in line with our standards. If there are any problems, we'll get in touch with you to let you know what the problem is and work with you to fix it.

A Note on Qualifications

It's a good idea to list any teaching qualifications that you have, such as a CELT, CELTA etc., on your Profile Page. Dublin Teachers does not require teachers to verify qualifications, nor do we guarantee the authenticity of teachers qualifications. However, we do strongly advise students to ask about teachers qualifications and to request evidence if thy are unsure. Claiming to have a qualification that you cannot later verify could seriously damage your credibility on the site and make it more difficult for you to attract students.

A Note on Pricing

We do not require teachers to list their price on their profile or listing. You are absolutely free to do so if you wish. However, many teachers prefer to negotiate a price with individual students based on type of lessons, distance to travel, etc. 

We do not recommend dropping your prices below the industry standard, which is currently around EUR 25 per hour, to undercut other teachers. Firstly, this may not attract students, who often associate lower prices with a less qualified or experienced teacher. Secondly, Dublin Teachers was set up to support ESL teachers and the ESL community as a whole. When we start undercutting each other, it drops the average price and hurts us as a community. Make sure you price your lessons in a way that values you and your qualifications, and that values what we do as teachers.